A Ton of Tunes on iPhone

September 16, 2018 iPhone Service

No matter where you are going, you want to be able to take your music with you. It used to be that you would
need to carry around a CD player with you.

When you add the time it takes to decide on what type of music that you want to take with you and the
bulkiness of the CD player, it can get to be a real hassle.

But those days are gone, because with the Apple iPhone you have all of your favorite music right there at
your fingertips.

The Apple iPhone makes finding your favorite music easy. With a touch of a single finger, you can quickly
browse through your playlists, albums, artists, or songs.

If you can’t think of the album name but can picture it in your mind, Cover Flow makes it easy for you to
find albums according to the artwork on the album cover.

Do you want to sing along with your favorite song but aren’t completely sure of the right lyrics? If you
have added the songs with iTunes, you can have the lyrics displayed right there on the screen.

It’s almost like having a karaoke machine right there in front of you all the time.

Customers who have the Apple iPhone don’t have to worry about bringing a separate MP3 player with them,
because all of the music they know and love is right there on their cell phone. It’s ready to play when
they are ready to listen to it.